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Community Service Radio Sponsorships

While not our exclusive service we specialize in Social Marketing; a term coined in 1971 for a mostly new concept in which commercial benefit wasn't the only reason to advertise. Social marketing was defined as "seeking to influence social behaviors not to benefit the marketer, but to benefit the target audience and the general society." Through us you can take pride in serving your clients and their community with the most researched, honest and effective messages of their type.

Total Broadcasting Service's promise to you, the business owner, is to produce radio messages you'll be proud to have your name associated with, that will help your business' public and customer relations, and messages that through the combined efforts of all sponsors will be effective in making your community a better place to live.

As one marketing expert put it-"One way to build a thriving business is to help build a thriving community in which you do business".


Your desire to be a contributing
and successfull business is aided
by the radio advertising services
we provide. We put businesses on
local and national airwaves and the
internet as sponsors of community
video and radio commercials that
address important issues. We

provide you with a soap box in
order to be heard by many
thousands of people at one time.
What you say on your soap box is
framed in the content of the
important campaigns we champion
here at Total Broadcasting Service;
and to what extent you want your
business to be mentioned during
yourtime on the soap box.


We do all the work for you. Just give us the word and we book your
air time, write and produce your audio or video, and we see to it that it airs when you want.

Call us. Call now. 425-687-0100





Total Broadcasting Service community service radio campaigns have a long history of generous support from businesses from Florida to Alaska on popular radio stations.


On most stations sponsorships begin at under $100. We'll happily produce a sample mp3 for your business for you to hear with no obligation to buy. Call us and let us get you happily involved.

You care about your community. We let you easily demonstrate
that caring. Click on  below for a 60 second sample message.

Campaign Subjects organized, written and supported by Total
Broadcasting Service and our generous sponsors include:

Anti-Bullying:With information we provide parents they are better armed to protect their kids from the type of harassment that has always existed but is made worse today through cyber-bullying.
Child Safety:Is there anything more tragic than the death of a child? Safety tips from Total Broadcasting Service arm parents on how to protect children from abduction or molestation.
After School Programs:There is much evidence showing how both elementary and high school kids benefit from participation in after school athletic and activities programs. Our campaign serves as a gentle push.
Military Recognition and Appreciation:We reserve time every year during Patriotic holidays to let our sponsors proudly proclaim their support of the men and women in uniform and serve our great country.
Teen Drinking Prevention:Every Spring its time for Spring-Break, Prom, and Graduation. And every Spring Total Broadcasting Service puts out messages to keep teens from drinking and more specifically, drinking and driving during these traditional celebratory times. ___________________________________________________________________ Other subjects you'll hear our radio community efforts address through the year include: Teen Drinking Prevention, Child Safety from abuse and abduction, Military Appreciation, Drunk Driving Prevention, Charitable Giving. Look for these efforts here and samples of our sponsor's messages. Then, call us to participate. It's easy and affordable.