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The Graphic Below Shows Before and After Results of Using Total Broadcasting.

These are Facebook Insights graphs of a Total Broadcasting Quote of the Day picture service AND monthly video service customer. You can see how dramatically their marketing with us has paid off.

Dramatic Evidence of Marketing THAT WORKS!

SEO Marketing that Customers Like

Make your Facebook Business Page Content Rich

Total Broadcasting Service's Quote/Picture of the Day service for Facebook gives owner's of a Facebook business page affordable, regular page content that will be shared and Liked and will generate Comments.

Good SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, requires content. And many business owners can't find the time to make regular posts on social media.

4-5 times per week we will post to your Facebook Wall a original scenic photograph with a quote text overlay. The quotes are from famous and historic individuals and are very inspirational, motivational, educational, and sometimes patriotic.


The pretty pictures and inspiring quotes are frequently Shared throughout social media, and especially on Facebook. Your business will be served by having your company logo and website conspicuously embedded in the image, thus sharing your branding with all kinds of new potential customers. Facebook Insights results from current Total Broadcasting customers shows that the service works very effectively. We're happy to show those results to interested persons.

Your Facebook Interactions Determine Your Success in Involving Your Fans

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