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How Do You Distinguish Yourself from ALL the Rest?

We Let You Show Your Uniqueness With Video.


Total Broadcasting Service's monthly internet marketing videos are singularly the best marketing opportunity for real estate professionals in the Puget Sound, Seattle area automotive repair shops, and Florists in the Northwest. We can serve most other highly competitive small businesses.

Most Important for Small Business Today

...is for some mastery of the internet marketing challenges faced by all. Video has been the answer since YouTube came into existance in 2005. But until recently quality video was too expensive, and cheap or ametuer video suffered in quality and hurt your branding.

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SEO, or Search engine optimization is dependant on numerous factors, including:

1. Changing Content

2. Age of the URL

3. Frequency of visits to the website

4. Links to other highly visited websites

5. Video

Total Broadcasting Service's monthly online videos provide:

1. Changing content on your website or social media sites. Content that's substantive.

2. Video- Google says video on a website increases the site's liklihood of a high ranking in the search index by a factor of 50x.

3. Since we upload your videos to your Facebook business page, your YouTube Channel, your Google+ and Twitter profile we place you and your link to your website on 4 of the most highly visible websites on the net. And we'll embed the videos on your website.

4. #1, 2, & 3 provide you more and increasingly more visitors to your website.


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What YOU Get with your Subscription:

12 professionally produced, scripted, narrated informational "tips" videos specific to the interests of the customers in your industry.

12 video taped, scripted Intros and commercial tags for each motnh's video shot in 1080i HD for the sharpest reproduction on the largest screen or monitor.

Text and Graphics customized to your specifications, including the dispaly of your website through the video (important because Google reads videos for SEO purposes).

Each months video is uploaded to your Facebook page, YouTube Channel and Google Maps business profile page with Total Broadcasting's SEO expertise serving you through useful and effective titling, descriptions and keywords.

One 60-second production video featuring YOU or your representative introducing yourself, products and/or service. We'll script it for you, with your help, provide cue cards, and make you look and sound great. A $500 value given to you for FREE.


YOU CAN Afford This:

Total Broadcasting Service has created a streamlined method of production which has enabled our videos to be produced at remarkably low cost to you. Our rates will beat anybody for similar high quality production.