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Total Broadcasting Service is a family owned company started in 2005 by long-time veterans of the radio industry. We sell radio community service sponsorships, regular radio advertising, audio production, video production, website design, SME services, graphic design, and other advertising and marketing services and products.

Are you interested in a career and not just a job? Would you like to work part time hours and earn $30-$40-$50-thousand per year, or full-time hours and earn $70-$80-$90-thousand? Are you tired of a long and and increasingly expensive commute?

We're looking for a Sales Manager who is interested in closing and teaching others and wants to take charge of our company's inside sales operation.




Inside sales or telephone scheduling experience

Computer literate

WORD capable

SKYPE capable

Clear and capable English speaking voice

The ability to read aloud the written word

Good telephone skills

A home computer with internet access

A home desk, work station or office


Former sales reps of United Broadcasting Sales Co. strongly encouraged

Mature adults 50-70 yoa

Anyone with any form of advertising or marketing sales experience

Job Description:

One qualified candidate will be asked to manage their own time. They will be expected to spend 8 hours each day, 5-6 on their own sales, 2-3 managing and hiring others.

You'll be on the telephone contacting business owners and managers across the country presenting Total Broadcasting's radio community service sponsorship campaign opportunities. You will be asked to read from a sales script and present it as if you are not reading. You will be asked to close deals and fill out order forms. You will be required to provide detailed notes of successful sales calls. You must be able to capably and quickly be able to devise and write short commercial advertising tags (sentences and phrases) for on-air radio commercials.

You must act respectful and professional at all times. Once per month you will be expected to attend an in-person sales meeting. At least once per week you will be expected to participate in a SKYPE internet conference call.

Training will be provided. Upon demonstrating capabilities of fullfilling the requirements of the job the successful applicant will be presented with tens-of-thousands-of-dollars of renewal accounts. Each one of these many accounts will be past and/or current sponsors of Total Broadcasting community service radio sponsorship programs, in some cases long-time sponsors.

After a period of 6-12 months the successful applicant may choose to hire and manage additional sales reps to work under their supervision, and upon who's sales you will also be commissioned.

Commissions, bonuses, and other incentives negotiable.

Interested persons send us your resume: