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Audio Production

Should you wish to use our voice talent and audio production
independent of our video production service we based our rates on
AFTRA, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists,
standard artists rates and charge a low fee of $190.00 per hour; one
hour minimum.

If the audio being produced is for website usage the following rates apply:

Website- first page: $150

Every page after the 1st: $50

Make your phone on-hold system really sound professional

Let the professionals at Total Broadcasting Service turn your phone
system into a valuable asset. We'll record a greeting that will keep
your customers on the line instead of hanging up before you can get
to them.


  • Scripting- $70 per first two minutes of audio; $50 every two
    minutes thereafter.

  • $190 per hour with no minimum requirement.

Script Writing

Each page: $70 for the first two minutes, $50 for every two minutes
of copy thereafter. If we're supplied the script for any use there is no charge.