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Audio Production / Radio Advertising:

"The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." Mark Twain following news the New York Journal newspaper had published his obituary in 1897.

Such a phrase could be uttered about radio and radio advertising. Radio's obituary has been written so many times its hard to count. It was dead when television was invented. It was dead when the Sony Walkman was introduced as a portable music device. The internet has killed radio again. And mp3 players were supposed to be the final nail in the coffin for radio. And yet, it lives.

Radio goes with you everywhere: 

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A radio ad remains one of the most effective ways of reaching a vast number of targeted customers. And it's affordable. A good Radio advertisement is second only to promotional product advertising (logo emblazoned shirts, hats, pens, cups, etc) in cost per impression far exceeding tv, newspaper, or the internet


Our Service costs you NOTHING!


When placing a regular response oriented commercial radio ad you don't pay Total Broadcasting Service. As an advertising agency the radio stations do. Our commission comes from the radio stations where you choose to place your radio ad. Standard advertising agency commissions apply. And the advertising rates stations provide us are very competitive, often better than what you would get on your own. Our volume of purchasing for all our radio advertisements provides us a volume discount we pass on to you. When looking to advertise it makes sense to use an advertising agency like Total Broadcasting Service.


Our Advertising Representation Serves you Best


Total Broadcasting Service owners have worked continually in radio since 1985. We have the experience to provide good counsel on how and where your commercial radio advertisements should be placed. But we also rely on the radio stations to provide their own expertise.


Our process is like this:


  • - We connect and you express a desire to advertise on radio.
  • - After getting your information we contact multiple appropriate
    radio stations and ask for bids. The stations are competing for the
    ad placement.
  • - After receiving quantitative information and rates from multiple
    radio stations, Total Broadcasting presents you with ALL the
    information along with our detailed recommendation.
  • - You have ALL the necessary information to make an educated decision on how to spend your precious marketing dollars.
  • - You inform us of your choice(s), and we see to it that your wishes are met.
  • - If we're your choice to produce your commercial we consult with you on developing an interesting and attention grabbing message.

When it comes to being effective and smart, what more could you ask for? Use an advertising agency, always. Use Total Broadcasting Service


Broadcast Radio Remains Dominant Among
In-Car Entertainment Choices



Description: http://totalbroadcasting.com/App_Themes/site/images/radio_left_img2.jpgAn October 2011 national survey by Arbitron, Edison Research, and Scarborough Research says that radio continues to dominate the choices for information and entertainment in the car. The study is titled The Road Ahead: Media and Entertainment in the Car. It looks atsixteen different in-car media and entertainment choices. It finds:

AM-FM radio is the top choice for all drivers and passengers. 84-percent choosing it over options like CD players, plug-in mp3's, or satellite radio.

Drivers and passengers estimate that 64 percent of the time in their cars is spent listening to AM/FM radio compared to 21-percent of their time spent listening to CD's which was the second most popular information or entertainment option.

Radio reaches 90-percent of the targeted and highly desirable 25-54 year of age demographic.

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More on the study can be read on the "Radio Sales Today" page of at the Radio Advertising Bureau website.