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Video Production- Custom

RATES: (based on time length of video)


Seconds Minutes  
0-120 0-2 -$290 per minute
121- 420 3-7 -$230 per minute
421+ 7+ -$199 per minute

Stock images: $3 each still image; $5 each video image. Still
image videos average between 15-20 images per minute.

Video or Photography Service

On sight service for $199 per hour, one hour minimum.
Reasonable travel expenses to be added for travel outside of
40 minutes drive time from our location in Fairwood, WA.

Save Money and do it Yourself

No video or photography service charge will be applied when the customer supplies the footage. We're experts at taking
amateur video and photography and turning it into professional
looking quality video.

Our rates are based on the length of the video and standard
creative graphics and special effects being applied.


Your narrative and videotext $75 for the first 2 minutes of copy;
$50 for every 2 minutes thereafter.

Included in the price:

  • Professional voice talent narration
  • Choice of male or female or character voice talent
  • Website and logo caption inclusion throughout length of
  • Unlimited captions
  • Animated titling
  • Backgrounds
  • Photo touch-up and color correction & restoration
  • Creative graphics
  • 1 DVD with personalized label (additional DVD $8-10 each)

Television / Commercial / Corporate

Our High End video production is the highest quality video,
comparable to any video production you'll find, but still below average
market rates. Your High End video from Total Broadcasting Service
will be television quality and capable of being used on tv, internet,
DVD or any other venue you should choose.

Television / Commercial / Corporate video production requires a 50%
up front down payment, which is non-refundable for any project
canceled within 2 business days of the start of work (shooting).

With each video project we will provide an initial estimate in writing.