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Video Production- Monthly

Each month you get a new video for your use during your 12
month subscription and a 13th 60 second video introduction of yourself, product, or service absolutely FREE.

$390 annual production fee. $600 for 2 yr subscription.

Video with Social Media Upload Service

$139 monthly for 12 mos. / $99 for 24 mos.– All that's listed for
Monthly Marketing Video service plus we load the videos for you
each month onto your Youtube channel, Facebook page,
Google+, and Twitter profile utilizing our SEO and Keyword expertise. And if you don't have any of those business pages we'll create them for you.

A value savings of over $12,000.

* Savings calculation based on standard pricing of $550.00 for
each customized video of approx. 90 - 120 seconds and
$600.00 per month social media marketing service.

Video Production- Monthly Commercial tags

This is THE way to customize your monthly videos
and introduce yourself to your clients.

On sight service for $199 per hour, one hour minimum.
Reasonable travel expenses to be added for travel outside of
40 minutes drive time from our location in Fairwood, WA.
• 5-6 second video intro featuring title, address and phone
number caption
• 5-20 second video commercial tag featuring title, address
and phone number caption
• In most cases multiple Intro-Outros to rotate onto each
months new video


Your narrative and video text $75 for the first 2 minutes of copy;
$50 for every 2 minutes thereafter.


Video Production- Audio Production

A third option for your monthly videos commercial intros and
tags is for you to voice them yourself in Total Broadcasting
Service's own voice recording studio.

There is no additional charge for this service. Standard text and
graphics are applied.